Shriya is a full-time interactive development consulting analyst with Accenture and is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. She majored in Business Administration with a double concentration in marketing and leadership & organizational effectiveness and a minor in psychology. She also holds certifications from the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University. In 2020, she was crowned Miss India America and hosted her own TV show on Fox 5 Plus, ' Becoming a Voice with Shriya Boppana.'
No ordinary student, Shriya served on Student Government as the Tepper School of Business senator for the Undergraduate Senate and resided with the Advocacy Committee. Together they fought for minority, sexuality, religious, generational, socioeconomic communities to strive for equality on the CMU campus against battles supporting sexual assault victims, LGBTQ+ members, immigrants, international students, and everyone in-between. She later took her passion into the competitive world representing CMU as the Vice President of Communications in their chapter of the American Marketing Association and the Vice President of Marketing for the Carnegie Mellon Business Association. She's also humbled to bring change to the business mindset with CMU Women in Business as the Vice President of Internal Affairs where they worked together on gender, identity, and intersectionality along with the host of new perspectives these bring to every boardroom. They have been visited by the National Women's Business Council (official advisor to the President, Congress, and SBA) under Shriya's tenure as VP.
Aside from school, Shriya has been an avid pursuer of the theatrical arts, with a 12-year history of acting in plays, musicals, and films. She has won awards for her performances such as the ‘Love is Louder’ short film which was a semi-finalist at the All-American High School Film Festival and was also cast in a full-length feature film ‘Water with a Slice of Lemon’ which debuted in DC theaters in 2018. In 2020, she starred in the Chinmaya Mission sponsored short film, 'Been on Sale' as Ragini.
Her interest in theater has also led her to a dance career where Shriya has competed nationally for her premiere collegiate co-ed Bollywood fusion dance team, CMU Sahara, with whom she has brought home multiple trophies for Carnegie Mellon. As much as she likes competing, Shriya also loves to organize which led her to be the once youngest board member of the National Bollywood Dance Championship, Legends. Her interest in marketing has allowed her to grow into her role as the Public Relations chair for two years working with the 501c Non-Profit, Desi Dance Network, inc., to raise awareness for South Asian performing arts.
With the knowledge and skillset she has gained from this valuable real-life experience, she has taken it a step further and applied her expertise in the corporate world. Shriya was a full-time summer and year-round intern working in the Public Sector Marketing department at the Fortune 100 company- World Wide Technology, an 11.2-billion-dollar employer. She then went on to work with the Media Relations team at Carnegie Mellon University. She finished her undergraduate education at ViacomCBS summer 2021 working with the talent team in an influencer and celebrity pitching and management role for Nickelodeon and AwesomenessTV.
In addition, Shriya’s efforts in technology have led her to be a Deloitte Start-Up Case competition 3rd place winner, as one of the only freshman chosen to compete in 2018. With her team’s application, BusyBus, they took a step into the world of real-time technology and Shriya later became a Forbes 30-under-30 nominee for BusyBus is the consumer technology category.
In today's fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment, she also dabbles in the freelance design and marketing world. Her interest in side projects spills over into her work with the medical field. She is a co-founder of PAtch, the Physician's Assistants program startup, which won 3rd place at Cornell University's ORIGINS Bootcamp. As well as the Head of Business Operations and Marketing for UncleHarvey LLC, a one-stop-shop for neurosurgeons across the US. She currently is a partner and producer for Liveplex, a 15-million-dollar technology company working on bringing the metaverse to fan engagement.
As a fierce advocator of anti-sex trafficking in underserved countries, Shriya went on to give a TedX talk highlighting the dangers of psychological media distortion through the lens of acid attacks and domestic violence. Shriya is dedicated to ending child and female human and sex trafficking around the world and began her work as an ambassador for the Save Our Stars Foundation’s mission to eradicate sex trafficking. In 2019, Save our Stars built an HIV/AIDS clinic in Samgha, Nepal to provide access to feminine hygiene care and she hopes to begin construction of another clinic in rural Andhra Pradesh, India soon. For her efforts in educating the public on gender based violence, she was invited to host a workshop at the 2021 United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Leadership Summit and addressed the class of 2021 as one of 14 student speakers at Her Campus’ 2021 graduation celebration, Cheers to the Future, thanking educators across the nation. Currently working with the DC Human Trafficking Task Force, Shriya joined the Obama Foundation and Girls Opportunity Alliance partner, She’s The First, as an STF Youth Ambassador advocating for girl’s rights.
When she isn’t busy doing any of the aforementioned, Shriya loves to write and her authorial efforts have led her to publications in the Wall Street Journal speaking about COVID's impact on higher education and remote learning, and the New York Times. A family person, dog-lover, and an all-around outgoing individual- Shriya is honored to offer her creative side to a world of possibilities.
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