CMU American Marketing Association
Vice President of Communications
In the Communications role, I managed the organization’s web and social media presence, created promotional flyers for all our events and activities, and designed our AMA Chapter Plan and Annual Plan.​​​​​​​

CMU Women in Business
Vice President of Internal Events​​​​​​​
In an effort to make tangible changes to the business world around me, I worked to organize panels and talks on on gender, identity, and intersectionality along with the host of new perspectives these bring to every boardroom. I also set up a roundtable discussion with the National Women's Business Council - Official advisor to the President, Congress, and SBA - as one of the first university organizations to partner on bettering the economic situation for women business leaders.
Carnegie Mellon Business Association
Vice President of Marketing​​​​​​​
As a VP of Marketing, I am in charge of promoting events by managing CMBA’s social media accounts and creating posters, flyers, and any other promotional materials.
Under my jurisdiction, CMBA went under complete remodeling and now heralds a new logo that embodies the sleek and professional business feel mixed with the prideful colors of the CMU Tartan plaid.
Undergraduate Student Senate
Tepper Senator | Advocacy Committee​​​​​​​
The Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Student Senate is the undergraduate component of Carnegie Mellon's Student Government Legislative Branch. They are composed of student-elected representatives that represent the unique and diverse culture of our university. Elected representatives from each Carnegie Mellon college meet on a weekly basis to discuss rising issues on our campus. I’m an advocate for intersectional identities and have been in student government serving as the Tepper Senator on the advocacy committee fighting for LGBTQ+, sexual assault victims, minority communities - Black and LatinX-, and international student rights on the Carnegie Mellon campus. I have protested the Westboro Baptist Church’s Pittsburgh visit, organized LGBTQ+ open houses, supported ‘Take Back the Night’ initiatives with the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence organization, held diversity dialogues, and written inclusion white papers.
CMU Sahara
Social Media Chair
As social media chair of Carnegie Mellon University's official competitive co-ed Bollywood Fusion dance team, I maintained the team's web and social media presence as well as relationships with on and off-campus organizations. In addition, I worked on set-design, asset creation, and theme production.​​​​​​​
CMU Activities Board
Crew Member and Concert Team​​​​​​​
AB coordinates a wide variety of events to entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of the Carnegie Mellon campus community. The Board consists of 8 different sub-committees: Music (headed by chairs for Concerts, Coffeehouse, Underground, & Skibo), Lectures, Comedy, Political Speakers, Publications, Special Events, Tech, & Films. Because of the wide range of committees, the events represent a variety of topics and genres to meet the needs of the campus community.
As concert crew, I helped organize the Audien Fall concert, Cashmere Cat spring concert, Symone Sanders talk on Intersectionality, and skate night.
Herndon High Student Government
Senior Council​​​​​​​
As a member of the senior council for Herndon High school's student government, the top 10 academically driven, extracurricularly diverse, and leading individuals are chosen to represent the student body and spearhead important events such a pep rallies, board meetings, spirit nights, award nights, prom, homecoming, and graduation.
Being the most accomplished and decorated student of the class of 2017, I was given the privilege of speaking at graduation and introducing our guest speaker of the night, Angie Goff. I was also recognized on stage, sitting behind some of the most influential leaders of the Northern Virginia area.
Herndon High DECA
Vice President of Recruitment and Retainment
As Vice President of the Herndon High School DECA chapter, I grew our club to over 255 members through multiple recruitment outlets (activities fair, tabling, class presentation, and local marketing). With four years of membership and two years competing and working with the executive board, I hold multiple district, state, and international titles, medals, and trophies in the individual series retail merchandising category. 
Herndon High Key Club
Vice President of Committees
As Vice President of the Herndon High School Key Club, I organized events and donated my time to multiple causes for two years: GIVE YOUTH Tutoring, LDCRF dog adoptions, LDCRF dog foster parent, First Fruits Reston Bible Church, LINK Organization 'Angel Tree,' DECA 'Toys for Tots,' Trick or Treat for UNICEF, NOVA Blood Drive, Herndon High School Leadership, HUMC Family Fun Night, Back to School Night, PIRATE FEST 2014, Math Honor Society film project, Math Honor Society tutoring, Herndon High School Pep Rallies, ZUMBA Instructor for poverty, Paige's Closet for underfunded communities, Herndon High Bonfire, and Reston Gala for Support the Children auction.
Herndon High Best Buddies
Vice President
Best Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As the Vice President, I helped plan weekly before and after school events, aided teachers during break and lunch periods, and assisted in watching club members during excursions (Day Prom, Homecoming Parade, pep rallies, out-of-school trips).
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